Artura Peace of Mind Warranty Coverage Near San Francisco, CA

Red Mclaren Artura parked outside a house

Are you among the few lucky enough to experience the automotive perfection that is a McLaren Artura? This thrilling new hybrid supercar sets the stage for futuristic capability with its High-Performance Hybrid powertrain and aerodynamic design. But how do you preserve its perfection while enjoying its ultimate performance? You choose the Artura Peace of Mind protection plan.

With the Peace of Mind warranty, available at our McLaren dealership near San Francisco, you can relax knowing that your one-of-a-kind Artura is protected. This comprehensive warranty plan will ensure your Artura remains in pristine condition, so you can fully embrace its prowess on California roads.

Side view of a Artura driving down the road

A Comprehensive Supercar Warranty

Wondering what’s included in the Artura Peace of Mind coverage? Below is a broad overview of all that’s covered under this McLaren warranty. Our McLaren sales team is also standing by to answer any further questions you may have. This new level of offering includes: 

  • 3-year Service Plan
  • 5-year Unlimited Mileage Vehicle Warranty
  • 6-year/45,000-mile Battery Warranty
  • 10-year Anti-Perforation Warranty
  • 5-year Roadside Assistance Coverage 

Note: this entire warranty plan is linked to the Artura you own and is fully transferrable should there be a change of ownership.

Understand the Unlimited Mileage Vehicle Warranty

When you buy an Artura near San Francisco, you get a fully comprehensive 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty that begins the day your Artura is registered. Your Vehicle Warranty will last for five years and includes unlimited mileage, providing the same level of protection every year.

Examine the Anti-Perforation Warranty

The flawless Artura features an immaculate finish, so for peace of mind, we also provide a

10-year Perforation Corrosion Warranty and a 5-year Perforation Cosmetic Corrosion Warranty.

Artura Service Plan

In order to maintain its exceptional performance, it’s recommended that your Artura is serviced by

a McLaren Retailer every 9,000 miles or 12 months. The new Artura Service Plan includes all scheduled servicing for the first three years or as directed in the McLaren Maintenance Schedule. The only cost you would need to cover is wear and tear of tires, windshield wipers, brake pads and other similar components.

All Artura service is handled by our highly trained McLaren service technicians. Your Service Plan covers the following maintenance:

  • 3 oil and filter changes
  • 3 cabin filter replacements
  • 1 powertrain air filter replacement
  • 1 brake fluid change
  • 2 key fob battery replacements

Rest Easy with Roadside Assistance

Should you experience a breakdown, our full 5-year Roadside Assistance coverage is here to help you get back on the road. Roadside Assistance has no mileage limit, making it a highly valued part of your Artura Peace of Mind package.

Enjoy a Comprehensive Battery Warranty

Your cutting-edge Artura has a formidable Lithium ion 7.4 kWh battery that delivers the unbridled performance that makes it so fantastic. This battery is protected by a 6-year/45,000-mile Hybrid Battery Warranty, so you can benefit from total confidence behind the wheel.

Artura plugged up charging
Side profile view of a parked Artura

Artura Peace of Mind in Every Turn

Contact The Luxury Collection Walnut Creek to learn more about Artura Peace of Mind and what it can offer you. We want to help you protect your bespoke hybrid supercar, so you can enjoy it for many thrilling miles ahead.